TADs (temporary anchorage devices)

Temporary Anchorage Device(s) (TADs) are used to obtain orthodontic anchorage during treatment. They have changed the way orthodontists treat some patients’ malocclusions (bite problems). Orthodontics utilizing TADs might have advantages to treat some problems that historically could only be achieved by using other devices (e.g. headgear, facemasks) or jaw surgery. TADs are constructed of medical grade titanium, a hypoallergenic material and provide a fixed point from which to apply a force to move teeth. They can be placed in many different sites within the mouth depending on your specific orthodontic needs.

Your orthodontist may recommend the use of one or more Temporary Anchorage Device(s) (TAD) as a part of your or your child’s orthodontic treatment. The use of TADs as part of orthodontic treatment has generally proved to be safe and predictable. As with any procedure or medical device, the outcome cannot be guaranteed. Rarely, additional treatment might be necessary. If your orthodontist recommends TADs as part of your treatment plan, please feel free to ask any questions or concerns you might have in regard to this device. Dr. Thayer would be happy to go into detail about why TADs might be right for you and your smile needs. 

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