Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Questions

How much are braces?

Answer: Unfortunately, one price does not fit all and not all treatment is the same. Each cost is tailored to your specific orthodontic needs, including length of treatment time, type of appliances (if needed), type of treatment (braces, aligners), etc. After your consultation, our treatment coordinator will go over all the treatment and financial elements of your plan. 

Does my insurance cover orthodontics?

Answer: First, we will need your insurance information in order to check the benefits on your behalf. Then, we can let you know if/what your plan covers at your consultation.

How much will my insurance cover for braces?

Answer: Thats a great question! It is different per plan, per policy, per employer! Thankfully, we have an amazing financial coordinator here to help!

If my insurance is out-of-network, do you still accept it?

Answer: Yes, however, some out of network benefits might differ from policy to policy. We will check these benefits on your behalf.

Are you an HMO insurance provider?

Answer: Unfortunately, we are not an HMO insurance provider. However, you can check with your insurance carrier to see what providers are accepting HMO policies. 

Do I have to pay everything before getting braces?

Answer: Not at all, there are different financial options available, we work with you to find what will work best for you and your family. 

What if my insurance changes or terminates during my treatment?

Answer: Please notify our office if your insurance carrier, policies changes or terminate, as soon as possible. Generally, your insurance will stop paying on your behalf and we will need to revise your financial agreement and monthly payments. 

I got a new insurance; can I use it if I already started my treatment?

Answer: Insurance companies generally do not cover treatment in progress. However, we would be happy to check as each policy is different.


Treamtent Questions

My bracket broke! What do I do?

Answer: Broken brackets happen sometimes. Contact our office and we would be happy to schedule an emergency appointment to allow our doctor to determine what treatment might be needed. 

If your office is closed, what do I do if I have an emergency?

Answer: No need to worry! We have an after-hours care team that is just a call or text away!

How old does my child need to be in order to see if they need braces?

Answer: That is a great question! We love to follow the "Rule of 7"! This generally means that it is recommended to be evaluated by and orthodontist by the age of 7. This ensures that if a child could benefit from orthodontic therapy at an early age, we are able to "get a head of the curve" so to speak. Your general dentist might also refer your child to an orthodontist even earlier than 7 years and that's ok as well!

How long do braces take?

Answer: It's different per person and your specific orthodontic needs.

I have braces but just found out I'm moving, what do I need to do?

Answer: Notify your orthodontist as soon as you know you might be moving or needing to transfer treatment. This ensure that we get the AAO transfer paperwork and finances ready to go before you leave. 

I have braces with a different office, can I come see you for an adjustment?

Answer: Unfortunately, since your treatment is done with a different orthodontist you would need to continue to see your orthodontist for your adjustments. If you are looking to transfer, you will need to notify your current orthodontist to go through the proper steps in order to transfer to a new orthodontist. 

I have a cleaning at my dentist, do I need to do anything with my braces before my appointment?

Answer: Great question! It is recommended to get your wires out prior to your cleaning and then come back after your cleaning is complete to get your wires back in. We understand this might not work with every schedule; however, this gives your dentist and hygienist the best opportunity to clean your teeth while in treatment. 


General Questions

I hate those messy impressions you get at a dental office; do you have to get those to start braces?

Answer: Not at all! Our office does not do messy impressions like how you've had in the past. Instead, we use our 3D iTero Scanner to create a 3D model of your teeth. It is painless and takes about 10 minutes to complete!

I have a lot of cavities and crowns; can I still get braces?

Answer: For braces we do prefer to have all treatment completed with your general dentist. Any restorative work should be done before you start orthodontic treatment. 

I play sports, can I get braces?

Answer: Yes! The only thing we recommend is to always wear a braces-safe mouthguard during athletic activities. We do not recommend the boil form-fitted mouth guards. If you have any mouth guard questions, or knowledgeable staff would be happy to help!

I heard you can only eat soft foods with braces. If that true?

Answer: Soft foods are easier to eat after having an adjustment, if your teeth feel sore or uncomfortable. Generally, you can enjoy the same foods you currently eat, with some modifications. There are also foods to avoid with braces such as: crunchy, sticky or chewy foods that might break a bracket. Your orthodontist and staff would be happy to help if you have any questions about braces safe foods to enjoy during your treatment.